You want to install a renewable energy system for your home or small business, but you have no idea on what is needed and where to look for advice and equipment?

Using the Renewables App, or RenApp as we call it, you can approximately size your system and request advise and a quotation from worldwide reliable suppliers and service providers.

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RenApp is not designed to give a valid final system design, so the suppliers will probably get in touch with you directly asking more information about your system to fine tune the bill of materials and the financial offer. You will also have the chance to request instructions or a manual on how to assemble the system, if that is possible and required. So make sure you provide the right contact information while submitting your request for quotation!

  • Use the renewables mobile application

    Download the Renewables App from Google Play, the App Store or the Huawei AppGallery.

    With the RenApp you can estimate your system requirements and request a quotation from suitable, pre-screened, suppliers and service providers, bypassing intermediates.

  • How it works

    Using sophisticated formulas RenApp calculates your energy needs based on a typical energy demand of 2 people for your country and based on the meteorological historic data of your mobile location.

    The result is approximate and more information probably is required to properly size the system and provide a complete bill of materials.

  • Compare offers and fine tune your system

    Receive multiple offers in your email and compare them. Get directly in touch with the suppliers to fine tune your system and its price.

  • Complete the order
    Close the order and cooridinate for the payment and the shipment directly with the supplier.


Things to consider for your RES project